Jerry Duff Profile
Jerald L. Duff Ph. D.
Managing Partner
Jerry Duff
The Duff Group
20 years
9 countries
50 Company Sites
10,000 graduates



Formed in 1986, The Duff Group has coached and trained thousands of executives, managers, and employees at the bayonet level. The only real antidote to outsourcing is up-skilling. The old "show up and shut up" can no longer compete with the wage rates of a world market. Employees must be fully engaged and possess up-to-date skills, the creativity to generate new products and services, and the emotional intelligence to deal with customers, both internal and external.

Soon access to capital and technology will be equal around the globe. Commodity based companies will disappear in western society. Only knowledge based enterprises that can tap into latent creativity will survive. Employees are the only sustainable competitive advantage.



    20 years training and development
    15 years manufacturing and operations management


      Ohio State
      Industrial Engineering
      University of Dayton
      Org. Development
      Wright State University
      Industrial Counseling
      The Union Institute
      Leadership & Philanthropy
      Purdue University (* all courses)
      Family Systems